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What is Women's Team?

A private, by-invitation 12-week program for women who are ready to make a focused commitment in breaking through in their relationship with money, their body, food, and love. This program is for women who want to revive their relationship to themself, and/or their current partner, and/or the partner they are desiring to have in their life. This is a portal to great self-care. This is the opportunity to invest in yourself if you are a woman and you are ready to TURN IT ON. Why wait another day to create the life you're longing for?

Power up, babe! We're going on an Adventure!

The Promises of This Program

If you do the program as it's designed, you will accomplish the following results:

  • Transform your relationship to money
  • Create a healthier relationship with your body
  • Reinvigorate your relationship with yourself
  • Create the foundation for a flourishing love relationship

At the end of 12 weeks, if you do the program as it's designed, you will have experienced a MASSIVE sense of accomplishment and you will have created for yourself REAL RESULTS. You will have experienced deep satisfaction with your life, who you are, and what you're creating in the world.

























Program Design

  • Limited to 8 fabulous teammates
  • We meet online every Monday* for 12 weeks, 6pm-7:30pm ET
  • This is not a group therapy program
  • This is not a women's circle
  • This is a Team of Women, with the mutual goal of creating human flourishing, one person at a time
  • This is a sourceful structure for accomplishment
  • This is the accountability you've been longing for to create breakthrough results in the most important areas of your life
  • With special guest speakers to expose you to new ideas and pathways to grow
  • Make new friends in an extraordinary context: only amazing women are selected to be on Women's Team
  • This is FUN and Powerful!

*Some weeks include additional engagements. 


Course Guide

Women's Team is guided by Rosie von Lila, your team coach and Number One Fan. Rosie lives her life out on the skinny branches where Adventurers love to explore. She's lived several careers before marking her 40th turn around the sun, she came out stronger after divorce, learned to love her body after a decade of living with body dysmorphia, has created the relationship she longed for over nearly a decade, and has had a wild journey with money, debt, and investing -- the last of which she is proud of... in 2020 she earned a 222% return on her public stock portfolio, which she self-manages. Here's a bit more about Rosie from her speaker one sheet:



Guest Guides

Throughout the program, we have the opportunity to convene with subject matter experts to nurture and spark discoveries on your Adventure. Fun, Growth, and Glory... that's what we're creating!

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Who Is Right for This Program?

Women's Team is designed for the following women:

Women who want to increase their confidence and adopt a true "You've got this!" attitude.

Women who want to have a new relationship with money. Women who want to know how other women got started investing their own money. (Please note: Investment Advice is not part of this program. The information shared focuses on the personal stories of women on their own journeys in investing.)

Women who already invest, and are looking to expand their ideas through information on leading edge, world-changing investment trends that are Regenerative, Impact, and ESG-related. (Please note: Investment Advice is not part of this program. The information shared within this program is public information collected over years pertaining to investment practices and leading trends.)

Women who want to discover the inspiration and courage to fully express themself.

Women who want inspiration in developing magnetic charisma, poise, and confidence.

Women who want to feel great and have more energy.

Women who want to accomplish something they've wanted for a long time but have always managed not to do.

Women who are FULLY COMMITTED to causing transformation in their life.


Who is Not Right for This Program?

Women who already know it all.

Women who aren't willing to give up their self-imposed limitations.

Women who aren't willing to be on the court 110% for the full 12 weeks.

Women who are "just checking it out."

Brilliant Woman: Where in your life would you like to create a breakthrough? 

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